The Band

And so began the history of 9 Lives and Counting…


At first there was nothing but silence. Then from the silence came a voice that said “Let there be rock… and let it be good.”


Peter stepped forward. He had his guitar and his songs but no words. Then from across the great divide of the internet came Craig. Brought together by the magic of a mighty list, the List of Craig (no relation), the two went off in search of rhythm.


Their search was vast. Many men would bring their sticks forward and beat their drums. When the dust had settled Jason remained. In his left hand a drumstick, in his right hand a drumstick, and on his drum kit a lifetime warrantee. Knowing they were one giant robot away from forming a musical Voltron, Craig spoke unto the others “Hey my buddy, Scott from my band in high school is a pretty sick bass player and I don’t think he’s doing anything.”


And it was so.


Since the 2014 solidification of 9 Lives and Counting's roster, the band has been on a steamroll through the Toronto scene. The band has played consistently in various clubs throughout the GTA expanding to all of Ontario for their Spring Thaw Tour. On August 23 the band unleashed their debut, Beautiful Distraction, to enormously positive reviews, international radio play as well as selection as a Generation NEXT feature artist on 94.9 The Rock (Durham Radio). The album is for sale on their website and online stores worldwide.

Peter was born in Montreal and but soon moved to Ontario where he grew up in Vankleek Hill. After a year of living in Ottawa he made the move to Toronto where he now calls home. After first playing with an all original band, he soon found himself shredding for tribute acts of Iron Maiden and Aerosmith. Later success involved playing with Space Tramp Cowboy who were fortunate enough to share stages with I Mother Earth on several occasions. Peter played with a couple other acts (Vagrant, The Criminals) before taking a break from the industry and a life of living paycheque to paycheque.

After a 5 year break from music, Peter returned a little richer and a little wiser with plans to put together a serious group of musicians and finally do it right. After 10 years of song writing and searching for the right mix of hard working people (with short breaks to play with more relaxed groups) Peter is poised to finally introduce 9 Lives and Counting to the world!

Peter Alexander - 9 Lives and Countig

Scott's first recorded original CD was done while playing with the band Plaid Soul at Q107’s Skylab studio with Bob Shindel at age 19. 

His first musical interests were Blues, Jazz and Classic Rock, along with a healthy love for Bassists like Flea and Les Claypool. 

Past projects include Paint, Plaid Soul, Spinner, The Meltdown, and performing with the John Macintosh Band as Bassist and Back up Singer. In 2013 he put out an EP of songs with The Meltdown.

In July of 2014, he joined 9 Lives and Counting and their mission to share their music with the world, and hasn't looked back.

Jason Hutchings grew up in a small town in the Muskoka’s (Haliburton). He started playing percussion and drums at the age of 10. He obtained his first drum kit and started his first band called “Fatal Glory”. His band “Last Call” won multiple band wars, were recognized in local papers, made appearances on local TV, and opened for Trooper.

At Music Fest Canada, Jason won two Silver medals and a Gold medal for jazz bands, choirs and concert bands. He has a degree in Music from Laurentian University. As a performance major, he participated in a number of music groups within the university, winning multiple awards. During this time, he played in a metal band called “Divisions” as the bass player and lead clean vocalist. He also played in “Broad Day Light” which gigged consistently through Sudbury and surrounding areas.

In addition, Jason is a Drum Instructor now working in the Mississauga area.

Peter Alexander

Craig Burnatowski - 9 Lives and Counting
Scott Everatt - 9 Lives and Counting

Scott Everatt

Jason Hutchigs - 9 Lives and Counting

Jason Hutchings